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News Release

  • Sale of new water-based selective conformal coating gun was started.(2012.Dec.)
  • Establishment of a coating laboratories in Saitama Prefecture, and will begin research and development of new coating systems completely.(2012.Feb.)
  • Shimada Appli G.K. was chosen as the prize for an excellent work of an ichioshi floatation grand-prix from Saitama Prefecture.(2012.Feb.)
  • Shimada Appli G.K. exhibited to SAINOKUNI BUSINESS ARENA (2012.Jan.)
  • Shimada Appli G.K. gave a lecture on FS type micro spray gun at the Japan Thermal Spray Society
  • Kanto branch-sponsored lecture meeting performed.(2011.Dec.)
  • The FS type micro spray gun was taken up in the Nikkan Kogyo newspaper dated. ( 2011.Dec.)
  • Shimada Appli G.K. announced the FS type micro spray gun at the presentation hole of the venture market held in Saitama Prefecture Business Support Center.(2011.Nov.)